THIS JUST IN: Cabell County

By Kyla Asbury | Nov 6, 2009

Oct. 29
Teressa Hager and David Hager vs. Mitchell E. Nutt, M.D.
PA- Paul T. Farrell Jr., Lawrence J. Tweel, J. Robert Rogers; J- David M. Pancake
* On Aug. 6, 2007, Nutt operated on Mrs. Hager, in which he performed an anterior colporrhaphy with excision of para-vaginal scarring and a portion of a prior implanted PelviSoft graft and placement of an Avaulta Anterior graft. Mrs. Hager claims as a result of the surgery, she has experienced significant mental and physical pain and suffering, has sustained permanent injury, permanent and substantial physical deformity and loss of a bodily organ system. The Hagers are suing for punitive and compensatory damages for negligence and loss of consortium.
Case number: 09-C-871

Oct. 30
Manpower Inc. vs. Tower Logistics LLC
PA- John R. Keating; J- F. Jane Hustead
* From Oct. 29, 2008 until March 18, 2009, Manpower provided professional services for Tower Logistics, who agreed to pay for these services. According to the suit, Tower Logistics failed or refused to pay Manpower the $28,810.74 owed to them. Manpower is suing for Logistics to pay the principal sum of $28,810.74 with interest at a rate of 8.5 percent per annum from April 18, 2009 until present.
Case number: 09-C-873

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