Nov. 2
Campbell, Miller, Zimmerman v. Chuck Mazaris, successor to and trustee for C&R Development LLC
PA - James P. Campbell; J - Sanders
* The Plaintiff and the Corporation entered into an agreement after the Defendant had its corporate charter revoked. The Corporation is indebted to the Plaintiff in the amount of $32,514.39, plus interest thereon based on an open account.
Case number: 09-C-424

Nov. 3
Hendee Enterprises, Inc. v. Recreational Adventures Campgrounds, LLC and All Decked Out, Inc.
PA - Stephen G. Higgins J - Sanders
* The Plaintiff states that the Defendant defaulted under their contract with the Plaintiff to deliver, erect and install a canopy and has failed to to make all payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. The Plaintiff is requesting the owed amount of $41,548.51, along with interest and court costs.
Case number 09-C-427

Nov. 6
William C. Struna v. Shepherdstown Planning Commission and the Historic Landmark Commission and Lance Dom, former mayor of Shepherdstown.
PA - J. Michael Cassell J - Sanders
* The Plaintiff claims that Lance Dom, former mayor of Shepherdstown, and the Shepherdstown Planning Commission unlawfully and illegally denied an application for a building permit following an altercation between the Plaintiff and Dom over a parking area on the Plaintiff's personal property. The Plaintiff also believes that Dom unlawfully influenced the Commissioners, resulting in the change of position at the Town Hall whereby the Town first indicated that no Permit was needed for what the Plaintiff was requesting to do. The Plaintiff is requesting a Writ of Certiorari and that the court reverse the decision of the commissioners and order for a building permit to be issued for the replacement of windows, as well as grant declaratory relief and reimburse him for damages, court costs and other relief as the court may seem appropriate.
Case number 09-C-429

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