THIS JUST IN: Wayne County

By Kyla Asbury | Dec 4, 2009

Nov. 12
Steven Carter vs. McDonald's Corporation
PA- pro se; J- James H. Young Jr.
* On Nov. 11, 2007, Carter ordered McNuggets from McDonalds. He claims when he bit into the nugget there was a large bone and he injured his tooth. According to the suit the chicken nuggets are advertised as boneless. Carter is suing for compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 09-C-237

Nov. 20
Chester Maynard vs. City of Ceredo
PA- James R. Akers II; J- Darrell Pratt
* Maynard was a police officer in Ceredo and on July 2, he suffered a work-related injury. He claims he filed a Workers' Compensation claim and was given a release from work. According to the suit, Maynard was fired by Chief of Police Jack Butcher on July 6 because of the injury. Maynard claims he was wrongfully terminated. He is seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 09-C-24

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