THIS JUST IN: Boone County

By Harmon Marks | Dec 18, 2009

Dec. 1

Dec. 1
Boyce M. Jr. and Jill Bradley vs. Evelyn Bradley
PA- Mark Hobbs; J- William S. Thompson
* Bradley couple wants a jury to recognize and affirm the existence of an easement in a roadway controversy on defendant's property. Plaintiff's property on Spruce Laurel Fork in the Washington district shares a common boundary with Evelyn Bradley; they say ingress and egress has continued "uninterrupted without objection from the owner" for more than 10 years.
Case number: 09-C-308

Dec. 8
Rebecca J. Short, Administratrix of the Estate of Richard Short, deceased vs. Potential beneficiaries of the Estate of Richard Short, deceased
PA- Robert V. Berthold; J- William S. Thompson
* Mr. Short, 61, died as a result of an accident last May when his vehicle was struck by an Enterprise renal vehicle. His widow notes agreements of personal injury liability insurance for $50,000 from Nationwide Mutual and $20,000 from Enterprise. The Danville woman petitioned for Court permission to settle her wrongful death claim and distribute settlement proceeds (there are three surviving adult children). Judge Thompson scheduled a final settlement hearing for Dec. 28.
Case number: 09-C-311

James S. Cook, administrator of the Estate of Michael Cook
PA- Robert V. Berthold; J- William S. Thompson
* Cook petitioned for permission to settle a $20,000 claim with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company resulting from the death last September of his son caused by a vehicle collision in Madison. Besides the deceased's parents, Michael Cook is survived by two sisters, a half-brother and a minor daughter. Judge Thompson ordered a hearing for Dec. 28.
Case number: 09-C-312

Dec. 11
Green Tree Servicing, LLC vs. Billy J. Nelson
PA- Jason S. Long, Jennifer S. Caradine; J- William S. Thompson
* Green Tree says Nelson defaulted on a $40,000 contract involving his 1995 Fleming manufactured home and the finance company wants to repossess the structure defined as security collateral for the loan.
Case number: 09-C-325

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