*** Correction/Clarification (for print edition)

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 24, 2010

A story, "Recht rules for CSX in brain damage cases," that appeared in the June 7 print edition of The West Virginia Record, and that was posted on www.wvrecord.com on June 4, has been revised on the website in two respects.

First, attorneys from the Pittsburgh law firm of Peirce, Raimond & Coulter only filed lawsuits on behalf of two of the seven plaintiffs against whom summary judgment was entered in the ruling by Circuit Judge Arthur Recht that was the subject of the article. Those plaintiffs were represented by other counsel when summary judgment was entered, the Peirce firm having previously dismissed one case without prejudice voluntarily and having withdrawn from the other case.

Second, the payments by the Peirce firm referenced in the article were for expert testimony by professors at West Virginia University, rather than for the federally funded solvent exposure research conducted by those professors.

A Letter to the Editor by Robert N. Peirce Jr. addressing these subjects appears in this print edition of The Record, as well as on the website.

The Record regrets the errors.

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