CHARLESTON -- Three West Virginia attorneys were counsel on a Kentucky malpractice case that lasted eight days in Pike County.

After almost three hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict for Buddy Hackney, who sued Pikeville urologist Mark Swofford after an operation he performed April 20, 2007, and the subsequent treatment for Peyronie's disease.

West Virginia state Senate President Truman Chafin said the Pike County jury returned its verdict Dec. 7 for Hackney to be awarded a sum of $3,750,000 and $117,612.99 for medical expenses. His wife, Geneva Hackney, was also awarded $750,000, making it a total of $4,617,612.99.

Chafin said Hackney's implant was bandaged post-surgically for six days with Coban dressing and he was instructed not to remove the dressing for six days.

Hackney followed the instructions, Chafin said, but the doctor failed to check the dressing for six days, which impeded the blood supply and edema and resulted in gangrene. The jury found Swofford guilty of negligence.

Hackney had to undergo several more surgeries, but still remained permanently injured.

Mr. Chafin and Letitia Chafin of the H. Truman Chafin Law Firm, and Bob Welsh from the Masters Law Firm represented the Hackeys.

"We were honored to represent them and appreciate the jury's close attention and careful consideration of the facts," Mr. Chafin said.

Circuit Judge Steven Combs was the judge assigned to the case.

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