THIS JUST IN: Jefferson County

By Jillian Kesner | Jan 15, 2010

Jan. 4

Jan. 4
Ollie Figgins III c/o Melissa Cobb v. Dr. Richard Garcia
PA - pro se; J - Yoder
* The defendant has filed a counter complaint against the plaintiff in answer to allegations that the defendant failed to maintain two horses named "Shooting Star Gin" and "Civilized Liberty" and to keep them fed, watered and in good health as well as train and race at Charles Town Racetrack. According to the complaint, one of the horses, Civilized Liberty, suffered a fractured leg during a race, and the defendant was required to pay for repair, transportation, costs and maintenance during and for the recovery period. The cross complaint also alleges that Shooting Star Gin was presented at the gate four times without workouts. The defendant claims the plaintiff failed to notify him that Shooting Star Gin was sick the entire time she was in his care and unable to train. Both horses were later moved from Charles Town Race Track to a private farm without permission or knowledge or consent from the defendant. The defendant is seeking $25,000 for damages, injuries and related costs and expenses inflicted on both horses.
Case number: 10-C-02

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