THIS JUST IN: Jefferson County

By Jillian Kesner | Jan 29, 2010

Jan. 13
Kimberly Miller v. Mariner Finance LLC, Daniel Carey, Donald Clawson and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
PA - Laura C. Davis; J - Yoder
* Miller's vehicle was stolen in June 2009 and never recovered. According to the complaint, the claim was filed for the stolen car was submitted to her insurance provider and also to her GAP insurance provider. Suit is being brought against Nationwide for unnecessary delay in the adjustment of her property damage claim which resulted in increased interest charges and was a breach of the insurance contract. Miller is requesting award of damages against Nationwide for breach of contract, first party bad faith and violations of West Virginia UTPA and against Mariner for breach of contract. She seeks actual damages, penalty damages, attorney fees and costs.
Case number: 10-C-12

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