THIS JUST IN: Wood County

By Lawrence Smith | Jan 29, 2010

Jan. 5

Jan. 5
Genesee Capital Corp., assignee of Dan Bray d/b/a Dan Bray Consulting vs. Standard Oil Inc. a/k/a Joseph R. Ferrell d/b/a Standard Oil of West Virginia
PA - Lora B. Snodgrass; J - Waters
* The plaintiff, a Golden, Colo. Business is suing the defendant for failing to render payment for services rendered in 2007. They are seeking judgment in the amount of $49,500 plus court costs and fees.
Case number: 10-C-01

Jan. 11
Tamara Rhodes vs. Anthony Sellers d/b/a Sellers and Associates LLC
PA - George J. Cosenza; J - Waters
* The plaintiff, a Vienna resident is suing the plaintiff, a Ritchie County business, for breach of contract in failing to finish a home improvement project. She is seeking unspecified damages.
Case number: 10-C-10

Jan. 12
Patty Verderose vs. Judy Kerns
PA - Eugene T. Hague Jr.; J -Beane
* The plaintiff is suing the defendant for failing to repay a personal loan given to the defendant in October 2007 to help pay her mortgage. She is seeking judgment in the amount of $40,000.
Case number: 10-C-11

Jan. 21
Dianne Vancliff Murdock vs. American Modern Home Insurance Corp., Bridget Lucas of Bloss and Dillard Inc., an agent of AMHIC, and Talinda Willard
PA - Todd Wiseman; J - not yet assigned
* The plaintiff is the suing the defendants for AMHIC denying a claim for damages she submitted for vandalism Willard inflicted on property Murdock owned on Blenn Lake Road. Along with unspecified damages and pre-judgment interest, Murdock is seeking an order showing Willard engaged in malicious mischief, and compelling AMHIC to indemnify her for the loss.
Case number 10-C-20

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