CIVIL FILINGS: Kanawha County

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 12, 2010

Feb. 1
Mary Selinger vs. Loved Ones In Home Care, LLC
PA- Mark A. Atkinson, Paul L. Frampton Jr.; J- Jennifer Bailey
* Selinger was employed by the defendant. She claims when she was informed she would no longer be paid time-and-a-half for overtime work, she complained about the policy change and notified the defendant of her belief that it was a violation of the law. She also claims she informed them she would call the labor board to determine if it was legal. Selinger's employment was terminated shortly thereafter, according to the suit. She is seeking lost wages and benefits, back pay, compensatory damages and punitive damages.
Case number: 10-C-0183

Ernestine Conn and Stanley Conn, her husband vs. Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.
PA- Stephen P. Meyer; J- Jennifer Bailey
* On March 31, 2008, Mrs. Conn was a patient at CAMC's General Division. She claims while she attempted to sit in a bedside chair, the chair slipped out from under her, causing her to fall onto the floor. The Conns are seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 10-C-0188

Feb. 2
Leah Page vs. Mama Rosa's Pizzeria, LLC, a West Virginia corporation
PA- Todd S. Bailess; J- Paul Zakaib Jr.
* Page was employed by the defendant from July 9, 2008, until July 6, 2009. She claims the defendant did not her final paycheck until July 17, 2009, which violated the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act. Page is seeking all remedies entitled under the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act.
Case number: 10-C-0203

Feb. 3
Yvonne Murray vs. Steamatic of West Virginia; Tri-L Enterprises, LLC, a corporation; Laurie L. Lile, an individual; and Joseph D. Lile, an individual
PA- John A. Proctor; J- Tod J. Kaufman
* Murray began her employment at Steamatic in June 2008. She claims upon termination of her employment, the defendants owed her approximately $111,000 for commissions. She also claims the defendants have made false and malicious accusations against her to potential employers and former clients. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 10-C-0208

Connie Maynard, as Administratrix of the Estate of Austin Anderson III vs. Zachary David Ashworth
PA- William C. Forbes, W. Jesse Forbes; J- James C. Stucky
* On Dec. 30, 2008, Anderson was struck by a vehicle driven by Ashworth, according to the suit. Maynard claims on Jan. 1, 2009, Detective Cpl. S.D. Snuffer reported that Ashworth admitted he struck a pedestrian, but fled the scene because he was scared. Ashworth reached a plea agreement in which is pleaded guilty on Nov. 30, 2009. Maynard claims Ashworth owed legal duties to Anderson as the driver of the vehicle that caused his death. She is seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 10-C-0209

Feb. 4
Thomas L. Cooper vs. American Electric Power Company, Inc., an Ohio corporation; Appalachian Power Company, a Virginia corporation; American Electric Power Service Corporation, an Ohio corporation; Martin Engineering Company, an Illinois corporation; Brown Electric Group, Inc., a West Virginia corporation; and Brown Electric Co., Inc., a West Virginia corporation
PA- Patrick K. Maroney, Robert M. Williams
* Cooper was employed by the defendants. He claims on June 20, 2008, he suffered severe and permanent injures when the tripper car of the coal handling/management system ran over his right hand, which resulted in the amputation of his fingers and other injuries to his hand, arm and palm. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 10-C-0212

Ethel M. Price vs. Brac E. Brown, individually; Cross Lanes Family Pharmacy, Inc., a West Virginia corporation; and Poca Valu-Rite, Inc., a West Virginia corporation
PA- Scott S. Segal, Mark R. Staun; J- Carrie Webster
* On Feb. 13, 2008, Price had her prescription refilled by the defendants for Levothyroxine, a generic form of Synthroid, which she claims she had been taking for nearly 40 years. On March 31, 2008, Price was admitted to St. Francis Hospital. She claims the doctors told her she had overdosed on her thyroid medication, although she knew she had taken the appropriate number of pills. It was determined the defendants filled Price's prescription with 175mg tablets instead of 75 mg tablets, according to the suit. She is seeking punitive damages.
Case number: 10-C-0214

Jack Cochran d/b/a Jack Cochran Bldr. vs. Epperly Realty, LLC
PA- J. Robert Leslie; J- Louis Bloom
* Cochran is a building contractor and was contracted by the defendant to repair the roof of its building. He claims upon completion of his contractual obligations, the defendant was to pay him the total amount of $21,027.30 for services and work performed. A partial payment was made upon completion with the rest of the money to be paid within 30 days. Cochran claims the defendant paid the partial payment, but has not paid the rest of the amount, which is $11,027.30. He is seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 10-C-0217

Betty Turley vs. Family Dollar Stores of West Virginia, Inc., and Family Dollar Operations, Inc.
PA- Michael A. Turkaly; J- Paul Zakaib Jr.
* On Feb. 7, 2008, Turley was attempting to enter the Family Dollar store on Washington Street in Charleston when the door snapped back and hit her, knocking her down. She claims the defendants were well aware of the hazard the door presented. She is seeking compensatory damages.
Case number: 10-C-0219

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