March 5
Pete Olean v Huntington Bank, West Union Bank and Freedom Bank
PA-Dino S. Columbo; J-NA
* Olean is claiming an employee of Huntington Bank, John Aman, fraudulently applied for and received loans under Olean's name without his knowledge or consent. Olean's stock certificates were used as collateral by Huntington. After leaving Huntington's employ, he went to work for West Union Bank where he also took out loans in the name of Olean in order to repay the loans originally taken from Huntington Bank. He then went to work for Freedom Bank, again taking out loans in Olean's name in order to pay for the West Union loans, and used Olean's stock certificates as security. When Aman allowed the loans to default, Freedom Bank sold the stock for $245,054.89 which did not satisfy their outstanding loan amount of $293,391.09. There remains a balance allegedly owed by Olean of $46,392.55. In addition to punitive damages, Olean is seeking judgment against all defendants, jointly and severally, for compensatory damages, reimbursement for all interest and fees paid; reimbursement for sale and conversion of stock; reimbursement for Federal and State tax.
Case number: 10-C-136

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