March 18
Estate of Stephen Dragovich vs. Conseco Insurance Company
PA-David Grunau; J-NA
* Conseco issued a cancer insurance policy to Dragovich which also carried a return of premium rider effective March 2004. In addition, it also would pay an express payment of $1,000 if and when the policy holder was diagnosed with internal cancer. Dragovich died of cancer in 2006. Conseco refused to pay for any covered services, other than the express benefit, even though the estate says their policy required them to do so. Dragovich's estate is seeking compensatory damages, lost interest on the proceeds, and damaged credit due to unpaid medical bills.
Case number: 10-C-165

March 22
Roy Cate vs. Matthew Armel, Ryan Powley, Arron Dalton, Derek Stevens, Fairmont City Police Dept and the City of Fairmont.
PA-Angela Blythe; J-NA
* While attending a party at Armel's residence, Cate claims he was assaulted by uniformed Fairmont City officers Powley, Dalton and Stevens, who also attended the party. Armel, a Fairmont City officer, who was not in uniform, asked Cate and his friend to leave the party. Not knowing who Armel was, Cate asked why he was being asked to leave. At that point, the other uniformed officers and Armel blocked Cate's exit. He and his friend were grabbed from behind by the officers, and kicked while they were on the ground. Cate claims his nose was broken while in handcuffs. In addition, he says he suffered two black eyes and other cuts and bruises. Cate seeks punitive damages, past and future pain and suffering, present and future medical expenses; costs, attorney fees and pre- and post-judgment interest.
Case number: 10-C-172

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