THEIR VIEW: It's all about faith

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 1, 2010


This is, as those of us who are Christians understand, the holiest of weekends. There is probably no other weekend in the year where we experience faith and belief in things that are not worldly as we do on Easter Sunday.

I'm reminded when I speak about faith of one of my favorite television shows, "All in the Family." I remember Archie Bunker telling his son-in-law Meathead that he had to believe in God. Meathead asked why, and Archie said you just have to have faith. Meathead then asked, "What is faith?" Archie replied, "It's believin' in something that no one in his right mind would believe in". That pretty much summarizes what you do when you have faith. You believe in the unknown. You take a leap of faith.

When I filled out my NCAA basketball bracket I started in the middle and put West Virginia University to win the entire event. A lot of people thought I was crazy, but I have faith. I think all of us, quite frankly, have gained faith as we've watched what's happened over the last few weeks with the WVU basketball team. We've watched WVU beat teams people said we never could. I think the chests of each and every one of us at the conclusion of those games swelled with pride because WVU showed the world what we always hoped would happen, and it's happening now.

West Virginia is sending a powerful signal throughout the state and this entire country that we can achieve, we can compete, and we can be the best. The actions we are taking -- not only on the basketball court, but also in the actions of the West Virginia legislature that we have faith in what we can do as a people and State -- sends a very powerful message.

I believe WVU is going to win the national championship. As a matter of fact, I know we are going to win because I have faith in West Virginia. I believe each and every one of us in this great state believes in West Virginia. And, on Easter Sunday morning, I'll know a couple of things. I'll know that WVU will have beaten Duke to move on to the championship game and I'll know that the Lord is Risen. You may ask how I know that. It's simple ... it's all a matter of faith.

Kessler is a state senator from Marshall County.

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