LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McGraw should join health reform lawsuit

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 7, 2010

Dear Editor:

The attorneys general of two of our neighboring states, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well as at least 12 other states' attorneys, have filed suit to challenge the constitutionality of the disingenuously titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

According to published reports, West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw has refused to participate in the lawsuit.

His chief deputy, Fran Hughes, reportedly mocked the 14 attorneys general as "overexcited." She termed their decision to sue not "wise" and just "politics."

We West Virginians wouldn't describe ourselves as overexcited, but we certainly are very concerned about being subjected to unconstitutional - and very expensive - mandates.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has explained that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution forbids such acts. He wrote: "While Congress might prefer that all citizens enter the marketplace and purchase health insurance coverage, an individual's choice not to do so simply may not be regulated under the enumerated powers of Congress."

McGraw claims on his official Web site that he uses "the power of his office to stop the erosion of citizens' rights."

The Brooke County Republican Executive Committee respectfully suggests that he put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, and join the other states' attorneys general in challenging the health care bill.

Lynn Davis


Davis is treasurer of the Brooke County Republican Executive Committee.

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