By Denise Simpson | May 14, 2010

April 30
Anthony Wilhelm, Mabel Louise Curtis, Fr. H. Joseph Wilhelm, Donna Strawn, Patricia W. Johnston, Arielle Wilhelm Balak, Lee Roy Duvall, Jr., Mack W. Duvall, Kenneth M. Duvall, Dora M. McCardle, Betty Ann Baker, Carolyn C. Sampson, Harry Hohman, Paul F. Hohman, Richard Hohman, Leo B. Hohman, Charles Thomas Hohman, James L. Hohman, Joan Hohman, Donald Ward, Sarah Semancik, Mary C. Hines, Berniece A. Wiley, Mary H. Shepherd, Isabelle Painter, Dorothy Griffith, Martha Carpenter vs. Stephen T. Vogrin
PA- Christine Machel; J- Recht
*The decedent Edward J. Wilhelm had a debilitating visual condition during his confinement in care facilities. A Trust was made between Wesbanco and Wilhelm in 2002 but terminated by the defendant. The defendant, as Attorney In Fact, counseled and took complete authority over decedent's property. The probate estate of decedent totaled approximately $494,000. Had the descendant not rewritten his Will, five weeks prior to his death, the plaintiffs, as natural heirs, would have inherited the entirety of his estate. Plaintiffs allege the Last Will and Testament was not signed in conformity with WV law. The Will should not have been admitted to probate and this action seeks to declare it void.
Case number: 10-C-150

James Harper and Tammy J. Harper vs. J. Michael Mortgage Corporation
PA- Daniel Hedges; J- Recht
* JMMC made a loan for $151,000 encumbering a home in Brendonwood Acres in Hurricane. Through the bogus appraisal, JMMC misrepresented the market value of the subject property. Soon after the loan closed in June 2005, the interest of the loan was assigned to Flagstar Bank. Damages are sought for the set-off difference between the loan amount and the fair market value of said property, along with actual, punitive, and equitable relief.
Case number: 10-C-153

May 4
Catherine J. Hare and Lawrence J. Hare vs. Timothy James Priskey
PA- Robert P. Fitzsimmons; J- Mazzone
* Plaintiff was traveling north on Main Street in the 2200 block on Oct. 29, 2008. Defendant attempted a left- hand turn while driving in a southerly direction when a collision occurred between the two vehicles. Medical expenses of $45,524.99 have been incurred and Catherine Hare has suffered a diminution in her capacity to work with lost wages to date of $3,504.
Case number: 10-C-156

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