June 9
Timothy W. Smith v Allegheny Energy Supply Co., Allegheny Energy Service, Charles Allen McDonald and Ben Stout
PA-Walt Auvil; J-NA
* Smith was employed by Allegheny from April 1988 to March 2009 when he alleges he was terminated due to his report of a safety issue. He requested a reconsideration of his termination but was denied. He also alleges he was not paid all wages due to him within 72 hours of his termination, a violation of the West Virginia Wage Payment and Collection Act. Smith also alleges Allegheny , McDonald and Stout interfered with his attempts in obtaining employment as a boat pilot with Bray Construction. Smith is seeking damages for lost wages, the value of lost benefits, punitive damages, court costs, attorney fees and job reinstatement.
Case number: 10-C-412

June 15
Monica Martin-Marietta, administratix of the estate of Linda Marietta vs. James Patrick Lewis and Coyle Trucking
PA-J. Michael Benninger; J-NA
* In May 2010 while operating a truck tractor and semi-trailer owned by Coyle Trucking, Lewis collided with a vehicle driven by Linda Marietta. Lewis failed to stop after causing the accident, nor did he call for any medical assistance. Marietta sustained serious physical injuries that resulted in her death. Monica Marietta, as administratix of the estate, seeks judgment against Patrick and Coyle Trucking for all damages.
Case number: 10-C-421

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