CHARLESTON -- Mike Stuart, president of the West Virginia Conservative Foundation and candidate for Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party, has received the endorsement of West Virginians for Life.

The endorsement marks the first time in the history of West Virginia that the pro-life advocacy group has endorsed any candidate in a race for chairman of a political party.

"I am proud to be endorsed by West Virginians for Life," said Stuart, an attorney with Steptoe & Johnson in Charleston. "The endorsement reflects my proven commitment to reasserting the importance of a pro-life and conservative agenda for West Virginia's Republican Party.

"On July 24, we will find out who in our party's executive committee is truly committed to a conservative agenda and who is merely pretending to be conservative."

West Virginians for Life is the largest single issue advocacy group protecting the rights of the unborn in West Virginia.

"West Virginia families need the West Virginia Republican Party and its Chairman to be 100 percent committed to protecting life and fighting for pro-life policies," Stuart said. "Unlike some, I am not a selective conservative.

"Although the economy is struggling, family values are and shall remain a critically important part of the Republican agenda. We cannot afford to merely focus on the economy at the expense of family values in these challenging times."

The WVGOP's State Executive Committee will select its Chairman on July 24 at the Waterfront Hotel in Morgantown.

Stuart is the president of the West Virginia Conservative Foundation. He and his wife live in Charleston with their two children.

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