CHARLESTON -- When it comes to lousy attorneys general, I thought no one could top West Virginia Democrat Darrell Vivian McGraw Junior.

OK, maybe Jerry Brown.

But now Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise has ranked the nation's attorneys general and 4 of them are ranked as worse than McGraw. The report.

Look at the list:

1. Jerry Brown, California

2. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut

3. Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma

4. Patrick Lynch, Rhode Island

5. Darrell McGraw, West Virginia

Pathetic. So Blumenthal lied about Vietnam. Does he have a van purchased with public money emblazoned with his name running around the state? He's a piker.

So what was it that kept Darrell from his rightful place? I checked out the categories.

Ethical Breaches and Selective Applications of the Law. He got a D-. Actually, that should be an A– since he is pretty damned good at that. If you count his time on the state Supreme Court, he gets an A+. Who can forget his whirlwind tour of North America one summer in a state-paid van? He said it was "to advance the judicial purpose." I think Chevy Chase made a movie about it.

He aced the rest with nothing but Fs.

Usurping Legislative Powers. He sues on behalf of taxpayers and then spends the money even though legislators are supposed to budget it.

Predatory Practices. As Hans Binder put it, "Seeking to regulate conduct occurring wholly in other states -— for example, preying on out-of-state businesses that have not violated state law and have no remedy at the polls." Don't they all?

Fabricating Law. On the Supreme Court, nobody did it better. Not even his brother.

I demand a recount.

Surber is a columnist and editorial writer for the Charleston Daily Mail. His blog can be found at

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