By Lawrence Smith | Aug 13, 2010

July 23
Edmund Pawlaczyk vs. Blennerhassett Post 1212 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Inc.
PA – Walt Auvil; J – Waters
*The plaintiff is suing the defendant for failing to pay him for hours he worked off the clock from 2005 until his termination on April 26, and for not restoring his full rate of pay in December 2006 after being asked to take a temporary pay cut in the summer of 2006. He is seeking unspecified damages including lost wages, back pay and reinstatement and attorney fees.
Case number 10-C-311

Betty J. Brent v. Wal-Mart Stores East, LP, Scott Vaughn, Daniel Gordon and Daniel White
PA – Walt Auvil; J – Beane
*The plaintiff is suing the defendants for wrongful termination for reporting to White, the regional human resources manager, her cut in pay and demotion by Gordon, manager of Wal-Mart's store in Pettyville, after she asked Vaughn, the store's assistant manager, to be moved out of the cash office due to allergies. She is seeking unspecified damages, court costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 10-C-312
July 26

Edward Haislop IV, individually and in his capacity as the personal representative of the estate of Eileen Haislop and Victor and Thomas Haislop, individually vs. West Virginia School of Medicine, West Virginia University Hospital and John Does 1-3
PA – Todd Wiseman; J – Waters
*The plaintiffs are suing the defendants for mistakenly sending them the cremated remains of a man who they allegedly interred believing it was the remains of their mother, who asked that her body be donated to science for cancer research following her death. They are seeking unspecified damages, attorney fees and court costs.
Case number: 10-C-317

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