HAMLIN -- A Chapmanville man complains a real estate company, its president and vice president should be compelled to return his personal property estimated to be worth $123,496 remaining on land he sold to them last January.

Jeffrey Bryant says the defendants are keeping him from removing an extensive list of mostly equipment left on almost four acres of real estate purchased by Wild Real Estate Investment Inc., according to a complaint filed July 23 in Lincoln Circuit Court.

He seeks a mandatory injunction compelling Wild and Bruno R.F. Reyntjens, its president, and Kyle S. Blair, vice president, to return personal property they are wrongfully retaining.

Bryant cites weather and other intervening problems prevented him from removing personal things by the sale's closing date, and he says Reyntjens and Blair agreed to a delay.

His complaint details a long list of items on Mountain State Tire and Auto Glass LLC, letterhead that remain on the Harts Creek District property deeded to defendants. Along with return of said personal property, Bryant wants jury judgment for compensatory and punitive damages against each defendant, plus recovery, with interest, of all his litigation costs.

Lincoln Circuit Court case number: 10-C-85

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