By Denise Simpson | Sep 3, 2010

Aug. 9
Michael E. Murphy vs. St. Mary's Correctional Center
PA- Pro Se; J- Mazzone
*Petitioner was sentenced 7 to 28 years for assault during a 2nd degree robbery attempt. He claims the Prosecutor misrepresented the amount of prison time he would receive. An appeal is sought for lack of evidence that petitioner even committed said crimes.
Case number: 10-C-290

Aug. 16
Susan R. Burke vs. Honorable William F. Sinclair
PA- Elgine Heceta McArdle; J- Gaughan
* The mother seeks a Writ of Mandamus granting immediate Emergency Relief from the enforcement of a parenting plan. She believes the plan will operate to the detriment of her children and should instead honor the children's request granting her primary residential status.
Case number: 10-C-292

Aug. 19
Kevin Lococo vs. Melinda S. Wallace and State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company
PA- David P. Robinson; J- Wilson
* Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration was insured under State Auto, on Aug. 22, 2008, when plaintiff was operating his employee's cargo van. At the intersection of Jacob and 33rd Street, Wallace is claimed responsible for a rear –end collision. Compensatory damages are demanded.
Case number: 10-C-296

Aug. 20
CitiFinancial, Inc. vs. Jean A. Hartman, Michael D. Hartman
PA- Steven B. Mulrooney; J- Gaughan
* Defendants are indebted to plaintiff for the sum of $10,996.77, plus interest, from May 5. 2010 and judgment is demanded.
Case number: 10-C-298

Aug. 23
Discover Bank vs. Betty J. Scott
PA- Steven B. Mulrooney; J- Mazzone
*Judgment is sought for the indebtedness to plaintiff in the amount of $12,759.60, plus interest, from the date of judgment until paid in full.
Case number: 10-C-299

Discover Bank vs. Richard F. Dierkes
PA- Andrew S. Lerner; J- Wilson
* As of July 31, 2010, pursuant to the terms of the agreement, the defendant owes plaintiff a principal amount of $10,623.53. Judgment is demanded for this unjust enrichment.
Case number: 10-C-300

Aug. 24
Discover Bank vs. Anna M. Campbell
PA- Daniel T. Booth; J- Mazzone
* The defendant is indebted to plaintiff in the amount of $14,272.87. An award with interest is sought from Jul. 31, 200 until the date of judgment herein.
Case number: 10-C-302

David A. Sidiropolas vs. Brandon T. Tschappat
PA- David A. Jividen; J- Wilson
* Plaintiff was driving west on 16th Street on Jan. 24, 2009, when defendant ran a red light and slammed his car into him. Sidiropolas has incurred lost wages and medical bills in excess of $16,000. A trial by jury is demanded.
Case number: 10-C-304

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