Pediatrician failed to diagnose infant's hip disorder, suit alleges

By Lawrence Smith | Sep 10, 2010

PARKERSBURG –- A Wood County couple allege a Parkersburg doctor failed to properly diagnose a potential developmental disability in their son.

Philip R. Bonner and Tiffany D. Bonner filed suit in Wood Circuit Court against Dr. Minaya Berhane. In their complaint filed on Aug. 16, the Bonners, residents of Washington, allege Berhane did not take the steps necessary to diagnose problems in their son Allen's ability to walk after his birth.

According to the suit, Allen was born on May 2, 2007. From the time of his birth until October 2008, he was under Berhane's care.

During that time, Allen was examined and evaluated by Berhane eight times. At no time while under Berhane's care did she diagnose Allen with developmental dysplasia of the hip, the Bonners allege.

Present at birth, developmental dysplasia of the hip, or DDH, is a dislocation of the hip joint from the socket. By three months, DDH causes the affected leg to either turn outward or be shorter than the other leg.

The suit does not specify when Allen was diagnosed with DDH or by whom. Nevertheless, the Bonners allege Berhane not only failed to diagnose it, but also failed to timely order X-rays when Allen was both at an age he should have been standing, and walking alone, but was not.

As a result of Berhane's negligence, the Bonners Allen has "suffered and sustained severe and permanent injuries to his person for which he has required medical care and treatment, and for which he will in the future require additional medical care and treatment." Also, the Bonners allege they have suffered past and present ability to enjoy life, emotional distress, annoyance, inconvenience and disability.

The Bonners seek unspecified damages, interest and court costs. They are represented by Parkersburg attorney George E. Lantz.

The case is assigned to Judge Robert A. Waters.

Wood Circuit Court, case number 10-C-361

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