Greear gets endorsements from FOP lodges

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 14, 2010


CHARLESTON -– The Dan Greear for Judge Campaign announced it has received endorsements from the following Fraternal Order of Police Lodges: Capital City #74, Chemical City #85 and Saint Albans #88.

Each FOP lodge voted unanimously to endorse the Greear campaign.

"The campaign receiving the endorsement from not only one law enforcement organization, but three endorsements, all with unanimous consent, it speaks volumes," Greear said.

Greear has attended FOP lodge meetings across the county where current and former law enforcement officers have shared their concerns about the increase in violent crimes, the number of repeat offenders and the judiciary's obligation to address these pressing concerns.

The criminal justice system is a multi-faceted organization consisting of professionals stemming from a wide range of professions, such as law enforcement, attorneys, social workers, healthcare professionals, advocates, among others.

"I am eager to hear law enforcements concerns and suggestions about how we can better the criminal justice system in Kanawha County," Greear said. "They offer a perspective and raise concerns that differ from issues raised by other professionals working in the system."

Greear said he believes the judicial system has a responsibility to extract repeat offenders from society, and this is a duty that requires judges to proactively prepare for cases, know the criminal history of those appearing before you in the courtroom and do everything within your power to ensure that no one falls between the cracks.

"I believe in second chances for people who do not have a criminal history and have committed a non-violent offense," he said. "I absolutely do not believe in 4th and 5th chances, which is the clearest distinction between my opponent and me.

"Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us, and I cannot imagine the frustration they feel when they continue to arrest the same individuals over-and-over. As judge, I will apply sentences that are appropriate for the crime."

Circuit court judges are responsible for simultaneously presiding over both criminal and civil matters. Greear continues to reiterate his commitment to swiftly moving the criminal and civil dockets. The circuit's next judge must be dedicated to breaking the cycle of repeat offender.

"There are too many examples of repeat offenders who commit some heinous crime, and then we all say, why didn't we catch this earlier?" Greear said. "If elected, I pledge to have an unwavering work ethic and I will thoroughly examine every case to make certain that ever precaution is taken to keep our communities safe."

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