CIVIL FILINGS: Lincoln County

By Harmon Marks | Oct 15, 2010

Aug. 18
Debra J. Rader vs. Lincoln County Primary Care Center, Inc.
PA- George B. Marrone III; J- Jay M. Hoke
* Rader wants jury award of $10,684 in wages, plus interest, she claims her former employer failed to pay in violation of the West Virginia Wage Payment & Collection Act. She was hired in November 2009 as Human Resources Generalist under agreement of an annual salary of $65,000, subject to 60-day termination notice by either party. Rader says she was terminated last August and her employer failed to pay "wages due and owing..." On Sept. 20 the care center's motion for dismissal and counterclaim was filed by Attorney Richard W. Walters. The motion says Rader "chose to voluntarily resign ..." on June 2, the same day she was notified in writing that her agreement would be terminated on Aug. 1. The motion says her regularly scheduled pay for the period ending May 28 was paid by direct deposit and demands jury trial "on all issues so triable under its counterclaim." Rader has asked the Court to "Deny and Overrule" that motion.
Case number: 10-C-99

Aug. 20
Ronnie Wade Jr. and Christina A. Wade vs. Stephen W. Willis
PA- Boyce Griffith; J- Hoke
* Wade complain she was wrongfully shot and wounded in August 2008 near Upper Mud River Road at Sias by Willis. The Hamlin man calls attention to two felony indictments pending against Willis and seeks compensatory and punitive damages to be determined by the Court, plus allowed interest and litigation costs.
Case number: 10-C-102

Aug. 25
Mary Workman, as mother and next friend of Jack Parsons petitions for settlement
PA- Thomas Peyton; J- Hoke
* The 17-year-old Parsons was a passenger in an auto driven by William Workman in November 2009 on WV Route 34 when the Workman car rear-ended a dump truck attempting a left turn. Parsons had medical expenses totaling more than $6,000. A bodily injury claim negotiated with Workman's insurer brought a $12,000 settlement, which Judge Jay M. Hoke approved Oct. 1.
Case number: 10-C-107

Aug. 26
Pamela Sue McCormick vs. C.I. Holding, LLC
PA- C. Joseph Stevens; J- Hoke
* Property in Sheridan District deeded to McCormick in November 2004 was claimed by C.I. Holding through a Delinquent and Nonentered Lands' sale in November 2008. Complaint says Defendant was required by State law "to prepare a list of those to be served with notice to redeem," and such notice did not reach McCormick. She wants a jury to set aside the holding company's deed and return rights and title to the property to her, award compensatory and punitive damages, prejudgment interest, and litigation costs. C.I. Holding filed a counter claim Sept. 29 that should McCormick prevail in overturning the company's tax deed it secure repayment of monies expended to purchase the contested property, all attendant costs and expenses, and interest. C.I. Holding requests dismissal of Plaintiffs action and award of its court costs and attorney's fees.
Case number: 10-C-108

Sept. 2
Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC vs. Chad Roberts & Roberts Well Services, Inc.
PA- William D. Marcum; J- Hoke
* Chesapeake says it inadvertently remitted payment for three invoices totaling $9,365 to "Roberts Well Service, Inc.," instead of the correct vendor. The energy company claims there has been no response by Defendants to a notice of the mistaken payment and asks Court judgment for $9,365, plus its accrued expenses and interest, pre-and-post-judgment interest, and litigation costs.
Case number: 10-C-109

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