Oct. 27
Dana and Wendy Clutter v West Virginia University Board of Governors
PA-Tony L. O'Dell; J-NA
* In September 2008, Dana Clutter was transferred from Webster County Memorial Hosptial to WVU Hospital for treatment of acute cholecystitis. He was attended by Dr. Lisa Marucci, who suggested another transfer to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center because she didn't agree with the GI fellow who consulted on Clutter's care. Additionally she was in conflict with Dr. Uma Sundaram, the attending GI physician, over Clutter's treatment and care. Clutter developed abdominal compartment syndrome that required emergency surgery. Clutter claims Marucci failed to properly respond to his situation and that she attempted to have his wife sign a letter so the GI service physician would not be able to fire her. Clutter's care was ultimately transferred to another physician. As a result of the lack of treatment, Clutter has incurred medical expenses in excess of $500,000, and will incur future medical expenses, in addition to pain and suffering, scarring, lost wages for which he seeks judgment against WVU Board of Governors.
Case number: 10-C-761

Nov. 5
Boyd L. Milam v Valley Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center
PA-T. Keith Gould; J-NA
* While delivering medications to Valley Mental Health Center, Boyd Milam sufferd a serious and permanent knee injury when he fell on a wooden deck/walkway. Milam is seeking compensatory damages for past, present and future medical expenses, lost income, general damages, pre and post judgment interest, costs and attorney fees.
Case number: 10-C-783

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