MIDDLEBOURE – A Wood County couple has filed a second lawsuit alleging they were defamed by comments made about them online.

Craig and Michelle Lucas filed suit against Dustin Hendershot Nov. 4 in Tyler Circuit Court. In their complaint, the Lucases, residents of Washington, allege Hendershot, a Middlebourne resident, made false statements about them in October on a four-wheeler discussion group.

In their suit, the Lucases allege Hendershot made multiple "false and defamatory" comments about them Oct. 21 on quadzoneforums.com. Among other things Hendershot claimed The Extreme Dirt Series XC Racing Series has disassociated itself from the Lucacses, Craig has bad credit, and his name is on at "do not rent list" in various stores in the Mid-Ohio Valley, they will have to go to Mexico to start a new racing series and they do nothing but trash the reputations of other racers.

Two days later, the Lucases allege they asked for, but did not receive, a retraction from Hendershot for his comments. Also, they allege the comments not only damaged their character, but also that of their son, Jayden.

The Lucases seek damages of $117,500. They filed the suit pro se.

In his answer filed Dec. 3, Hendershot admitted he made comments about the Lucases on quadzonefourms.com. However, he does not know who read them, and they in no way were written in a "false and defamatory matter."

He asks the suit be dismissed, and he be awarded costs for defending himself from it. Hendershot is represented by Middlebourne attorney Frederick M. Dean Rohrig.

The case is assigned to Judge David W. Hummel Jr.

In addition to the one in Tyler Circuit Court, the Lucases have a pending defamation suit against another Wood County couple in Wood Circuit Court. In that suit, the Lucases allege Charlie and Loretta Joy of Rockport posted erroneous comments on their friends' Facebook pages late last year about them.

In that suit, the Lucases allege the Joys made comments similar to Hendershot about their business practices and finances, but also accused Michelle of being an exotic dancer, and a bad mother. The suit against the Joys was filed the same day as the one against Hendershot.

Tyler Circuit Court case number 10-C-36

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