HUNTINGTON -- The Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence will have its annual winter training meeting Feb. 17-18 at Marshall University.

The two-day event will offer an array of training targeted toward legal, digital forensic, law enforcement and information security professionals and students. The presentations are divided into three training tracks: digital forensics, information security and electronic discovery.

"If you work with digital evidence, you can't afford to stop learning. The technology alone will pass you by in a heartbeat," said John Sammons, a professor at Marshall and the director of the AIDE. "Events like ours help professionals and students keep pace with both the technology and the law."

The meeting will be held at Marshall's Forensic Science Center in Huntington.

To register or learn more, visit the AIDE web site at

The Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence is a regional not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the legal, technical, public sector and business professionals for whom digital evidence is part and parcel of their work. The AIDE exists to help network administrators, digital forensics practitioners, law enforcement and legal professionals survive –- and even thrive –- in the ever-changing landscape where technology and the law meet.

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