CIVIL FILINGS: Cabell County

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 18, 2011

Feb. 11
Lori O'Connor, as administratrix of the Estate of Elmer A. Pritchett vs. St. Mary's Medical Center Inc.
PA- Mark W. Browning; J- F. Jane Hustead
* On Dec. 14, 2008, Pritchett was taken to the Jackson General Hospital Emergency Room with complaints of blurred vision, slurred speech and unsteady gait. He was later transported to St. Joseph's hospital for further evaluation and then sent home with instructions to follow up with his physician. On Dec. 16, 2008, Pritchett saw his primary physician and was transported back to Jackson General Hospital and then to St. Mary's, where he was admitted for a neurological evaluation. O'Connor claims during the course of Pritchett's evaluation, his treatment was inconsistent and unprofessional. On Dec. 20, 2008, Pritchett was found on the floor of his room, where he had been for an undetermined amount of time. He was ultimately put on life support and died on Dec. 27, 2008. O'Connor is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.
Case number: 11-C-68

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