Wood Co. woman accuses son of fraud in estate dispute

By Lawrence Smith | Mar 24, 2011

PARKERSBURG – A Wood County woman is suing her son for siphoning assets from her deceased husband's estate.

Mary M. Flint filed suit against Douglas G. Flint in Wood Circuit Court. In her complaint filed March 11, Mary Flint, 80, of Parkersburg, alleges Douglas G. Flint, 49, also of Parkersburg, conveyed to himself property from the estate of his father, Glen M. Flint, meant for her.

According to her suit, Glen died on May 14, 2003. In his 1996 will, Glen named Mary as the executrix of his estate, and, following the payment of all debts, and expenses, left everything to her.

Also, he said should Mary predecease him or is either unable or unwilling to serve as executrix, then Douglas, and his other son, Daniel, would serve as co-executors with the stipulation that if one of them is not living or unwilling to serve, then the other could serve individually as executor.

Despite the provisions in Glen's will, Mary states that Douglas was able to qualify himself as the estate's executor. After that, he then, after filing an estate appraisal with the Wood County Clerk's Office, "converted property...to himself, rather then distribute the same" to Mary.

An exhibit attached to the suit shows the Wood Commission appointed Douglas as the estate's executor on March 24, 2003, listing Glen's death 10 days before. However, on the appraisement form he filed with the Clerk's office three months later, Douglas listed Glen's death on May 14, 2003, from natural causes.

Nevertheless, in the appraisement, Douglas lists Mary as the estate's sole beneficiary. Also, he valued all personal property in the estate, including two checking accounts, and household items, at $66,592.15 with three parcels of real estate in both Glen and Mary's names at $330,000.

It is the real estate that Mary in her suit alleges Douglas "conveyed, or caused to be conveyed, to himself, through fraud." Specifically, she alleges the properties were used as rentals, and Douglas has kept the income gained from them.

Mary alleges despite her repeated requests, Douglas has "refused to give a proper accounting for his actions."

Along with unspecified damages, interest attorney fees and court costs, Mary asks that Douglas be ordered to give a proper accounting of the estate's assets. She is represented by Parkersburg attorney George J. Cosenza.

The case is assigned to Judge J.D. Beane.

Wood Circuit Court case number 11-C-93

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