CIVIL FILINGS: Monongalia County

By Donna K. Carlson | Apr 29, 2011

April 25
Sandra Vincent Executrix of Estate of Walter Vincent vs. Jose L. Cruzzavala, MD
PA-Robert Fitzsimmons; J-NA
* Vincent is seeking judgment against Cruzzavala as a result of the death of Walter Vincent. In April 2007, Vincent underwent a positive stress test that resulted in a cardiac catheterization. As a result he underwent a five-vessel artery bypass graft. Before being discharged, a portable chest x-ray showed a soft tissue density in the lung. In August 2007, another chest x-ray showed a density in the left upper lobe that required follow up with a CT. At Vincent's regular office visit with Cruzzavala, he was told his EKG and chest x-ray were within normal limits and no further diagnostic testing was ordered to investigate the mass in his lung. He did not learn of the mass until his primary care physician ordered a chest x-ray. A malignancy was suspected. He then underwent a lung biopsy and was diagnosed with metastatic stage IV non small cell lung cancer. Vincent
was treated with both chemotherapy and radiation, but died in November 2009. Sandra Vincent seeks medical bills, funeral and burial expenses over $11,000, lost wages and earning capacity.
Case number: 11-C-261

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