CHARLESTON -- A Weston couple is suing 91 companies they claim are responsible for a lung cancer diagnosis after breathing in asbestos fibers.

In January 2010, Charles J. Poloka was diagnosed with lung cancer, according to a complaint filed April 26 in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Poloka and his wife, Alicia Poloka, claim the defendants caused the lung cancer by exposing Mr. Poloka to asbestos fibers during his employment career.

The defendants failed to provide Mr. Poloka with the knowledge as to what would be reasonably safe and sufficient wearing apparel and proper protective equipment and appliance, according to the suit.

The Polokas are seeking compensatory and punitive damages. They are being represented by Brian A. Prim.

The case has been assigned to a visiting judge.

The 91 companies named as defendants in the suit are A.O. Smith Corporation; Ajax Magnethermic Corporation; Allied Glove Corporation; American Optical Corporation; Armstrong International, Inc.; Armstrong Pumps, Inc.; Aqua-Chem, Inc.; Atlas Industries, Inc.; Aurora Pump Company; Beazer East, Inc.; Cashco, Inc.; Catalytic Construction Company; CBS Corporation; Champlain Cable Corporation; Columbus McKinnon; Crane Co.; Crown Cork & Seal Company; Dezurik, Inc.; Dravo Corporation; Durametallic Corporation; Eaton Corporation; Eichleay Corporation; F.B. Wright Company; Fairmont Supply; Flowserve U.S., Inc.; FMC Corporation; Foseco, Inc.; Foster Wheeler Corporation; General Electric Company; Gentex Corporation; George V. Hamilton, Inc.; Goulds Pumps, Inc.; Greene Tweed & Company; Grinnell Corporation; Hedman Resources Limited; Honeywell, Inc.; Hunter Sales Corporation; IMO Industries, Inc.; I.U. North America, Inc.; Industrial Holdings Corporation; Ingersoll-Rand; Insul Company, Inc.; ITT Corporation; J.M. Foster, Inc.; Jarden Consumer Solutions; Joy Technologies; M.S. Jacobs & Associates, Inc.; Mallinckrodt Group, Inc.; McCann Shields Paint Company; McCarls, Inc.; McJunkin Red Man Corporation; Met-Pro Corporation; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; Milwaukee Valve Company; Mine Safety Appliance Company; Minnotte Contracting Corporation; Morgan Engineering; Nagle Pumps, Inc.; Nitro Industrial Coverings, Inc.; Oglebay Norton Company; Ohio Valley Insulating Company; Owens-Illinois, Inc.; P&H Mining Equipment, Inc.; Pennsylvania Sn, Inc.; Plotkin Brothers Supply, LLP; Powell Valve Company; Power Piping; Premier Refractories, Inc.; Reading Crane & Engineering Co.; Riley Stoker Corporation; Safety First Industries, Inc.; Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc.; Sealite, Inc.; Seco/Warwick; Spirax Sarco, Inc.; Square D Company; Stockham Valves & Fittings; Sunbeam Products, Inc.; Tasco Insulation, Inc.; the Sager Corporation; Thiem Corporation; Treco Construction Services, Inc.; Tyco Flow Control Company, LLC; UB West Virginia, Inc.; Unifrax Corporation; Union Carbide Corporation; Vimasco Corporation; Washington Group International; Whiting Corporation; Yarway Corporation; and Zurn Industries.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number: 11-C-670

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