NEW CUMBERLAND – The Weirton Firefighters' Union is suing the Weirton Area Ambulance & Rescue Squad, Inc., in an attempt to remove the fire chief from his job for terroristic threats.

The Weirton Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 948 has issued a vote of zero confidence in Dave Lashorn due to his threatening behavior where he has created a hostile work environment and a threat to public safety with his actions, according to a complaint filed July 18 in Hancock Circuit Court.

The union claims the Weirton Area Ambulance & Rescue Squad, Inc. is in possession of a tape recording from a 911 call regarding an incident where Lashorn threatened to kill himself and 20 others, namely members of the Weirton Fire Department.

The firefighters are seeking for the defendant to preserve the evidence where Lashorn threatened to take his life and others, according to the suit.

Wheeling attorney Teresa C. Toriseva said it is a serious safety issue and the union is committed to the safety of the community it protects, as well as the safety of the members of the union.

"In the post-9/11 era, threats of murder/suicide are never a joke and should always be taken seriously," Toriseva said. "The only other option is to wait until Lashorn actually snaps and acts out on his threats."

Toriseva said waiting is not an option for the 20 members of the local firefighters' union who were subjected to threats on their lives by Lashorn.

"Lashorn must either resign as chief or be fired," Toriseva said.

The firefighters' union claims Lashorn threatened to take his own life, as well as the lives of others and that he is not fit to serve as Fire Chief for the Weirton Fire Department.

The union is seeking for the Weirton Area Ambulance & Rescue Squad to be directed to provide a copy of the tape that contains Lashorn's violent threats. Toriseva is the representing attorney for the firefighters' union.

Hancock Circuit Court case number: 11-C-131W

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