CLARKSBURG -- A Washington state woman is suing a Bruceton Mills campground and its owners after being severely wounded by their dog.

Jessica Barker filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia on Tuesday.

Named as defendants are Christopher Ogden, of Shinnston; Rebecca Ogden, of Monongah; Alyeska Inc., Big Bear Lake Country Store and Big Bear Lake Real Estate, a West Virginia corporation; and Big Bear Lake Property Owners Association Inc., Bear Foot springs, also a West Virginia corporation.

The Big Bear campground is described as a privately owned campground and a "deeded" property development.

The Ogdens, who owned, leased and/or rented a site at the campground, owned a "vicious and dangerous" dog, according to Barker's lawsuit.

The defendants, she says, knew that the dog was violent, vicious and dangerous, and that it had previously attacked and bitten or attempted to attack and bite other individuals at the campground.

"The dog was known by all Defendants to be aggressive and a danger to Plaintiff and the public," the lawsuit alleges.

Barker, who was a guest at the campground, was attacked and severely bitten and wounded by the Ogdens' dog on May 21, 2010.

As a result, Barker suffered severe permanent injuries and damages, including tissue loss to her right forearm, which required surgical care; puncture wounds to her left calf; severe emotional distress; and the following:

* Physical pain and suffering;

* Mental anguish and suffering;

* Permanent physical impairment;

* Loss of wages and benefits;

* Loss of capacity to enjoy life;

* Scarring and disfigurement;

* Medical expenses past and future; and

* Annoyance and inconvenience.

Barker says in her lawsuit that the defendants owed her a duty of reasonable care to ensure that the campground was "in a reasonably safe condition and free from dangerous and vicious dogs."

The Ogdens' actions were "reckless, willful and wanton," she says.

Barker demands a jury trial and is seeking an award of punitive damages. She is represented by Brett J. Preston, C. Benjamin Salango and Dan R. Snuffer of Charleston law firm Preston & Salango PLLC.

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