MARTINSBURG -- A circuit judge from the 23rd judicial circuit who had scheduled night court sessions in Berkeley County to handle a growing amount of cases has canceled plans for the sessions.

Circuit Judge John C. Yoder previously asked the state Supreme Court to pay for a court reporter for the night court, which was scheduled for next month.

Yoder said the need for the nighttime sessions has been alleviated for the time being.

"The Berkeley County Prosecutor's Office made personnel changes that I believe -- or at least hope -- will alleviate the need for night court," he said.

Yoder said what complicates his caseload the most is the fact that there is a 10-day deadline for holding a preliminary hearing in child abuse and neglect cases.

In the letter sent to the state Supreme Court in March, Yoder wrote that his caseload is 1.8 times greater than the average circuit judge in the state.

Supreme Court of Appeals Administrative Director Steve Canterbury said he has been talking to the court about adding more judges to the 23rd Circuit to lessen the judges' caseloads in the circuit.

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