Sept. 2
Edward Kohout vs. David and Richard Biafora and Metro Towers
PA-Ed Kohout; J-NA
* Kohout had a written lease for a residence owned by McCoy 6 -– the Warner Family. The entrance of the house fronted the parking lot of Grand Central Station Business Center also owned by the Warner family. When Kohout entered into the lease, he was advised because there was no street entrance to his residence, he would be able to park next to the Grand Central Station parking lots, which he had done for two years. Grand Central Station was purchased by the Metro Towers and at that time Kohout was told he would have to vacate. Kohout alleges the Biafora's want to tear town his residence to build more apartments. In addition he claims he was forced to relocate his law practice at great expense. Kohout also believes he is owed $6,685, his monthly lease payments from November to June 2011. He is seeking judgment for compensatory and punitive damages in addition to a restraining order to keep defendants from bothering him.
Case number: 11-C-558

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