Sept. 2
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission v Consol Energy, Consolidation Coal Company and Windsor Coal
PA-Sharon Hall; J-NA
* Pennsylvania Commission and West Virginia DNR biologists reported a fish, mussel and amphibian kill in Dunkard Creek near Brave, Pennsylvania. The fish that were still alive showed signs of severe physiologic stress, rolling in the water and gulping air at the surface. After inspection, it was found their gills were inflamed, their blood vessels were ruptured and their tissues showed abnormally reddish color around their gills. It was determined significant amounts of chloride and total dissolved solids were present in the water. A total of 42,997 fish, 15,382 freshwater mussels and 6,447 mudpuppies were killed. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission seek judgment for compensatory and punitive damages, clean up costs, documentation for the fish kill and any future costs for acquatic life restoration.
Case number: 11-C-556

Helen and Thomas Walls v Freedom Kia
PA-John Brooks; J-NA
* Helen Walls is seeking judgment against Freedom Kia for injuries she suffered when picking up her vehicle. Walls fell from an elevated platform in the garage service area. Walls claims the platform had no handrails or warning signs of any kind. She received bruises on her thigh, injury to her shoulder and broke her ankle in two places as a result of her fall.
Case number: 11-C-559

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