CHARLESTON – The mother of a deaf student has filed a lawsuit against the Kanawha County Board of Education asking a judge to temporarily prevent school officials from forcing her daughter to attend Capital High School in the midst of allegations that an interpreter there had been harassing her.

Regina M. Pine, 16-year-old Ariel Depp's mother, has been asking school officials to allow her daughter to attend South Charleston High School for the past two years, as it is next door to the family's home.

The school board has continually denied Pine's requests, citing that Depp must attend Capital High School, as it is the only high school in the county equipped to teach children who are hearing impaired.

Pine claims that Depp's interpreter repeatedly verbally harassed and intimidated her during her time as a student at Capital High School.

Pine, Depp, the interpreter and two Capital assistant principals met at least twice to discuss the allegations, according to the suit.

Pine claims during the meetings, the interpreter told Depp, "You're trying to make me look bad in front of the principals," and "You're trying to get me fired."

Starting in November 2009, the interpreter had harassed and intimidated Depp at various times as he supervised her, according to the suit. The suit does not go into specifics about what the interpreter allegedly did.

Capital High School facilitates to deaf and hearing-impaired children and also physically, mentally, and visually impaired and autistic students.

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