CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

by Beth Henry |
Sep. 23, 2011, 2:10am

Aug. 11
Angela Lanciano, as personal representative of the estate of Christian Lane Lanciano, vs. Wendi Lanciano, Raymond James Lanciano, Beverly Lane and Western Maryland Hospital Center
PA - Christopher Prezioso; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims Christian Lanciano's death on Aug. 22, 2009, was directly caused by the defendants' gross negligence after he was given narcotics, including morphine and other prescription painkillers, which Wendi Lanciano had been obtaining from her workplace, Western Maryland Hospital Center. The suit claims Wendi and Raymond Lanciano acted in a willful, wanton and reckless manner by giving the drugs to Christian and urging him to take them intravenously, in a home occupied by the Lancianos and owned by Beverly Lane. The plaintiff is seeking an undetermined amount of relief.
Case number: 11-C-642

Aug. 15
Scott Mandirola, director of the Division of Water and Waste Management of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, vs. Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District
PA - Jennifer Hughes; J - Wilkes
* The plaintiff claims that the defendant's four sewage collection and treatment systems exceeded pollutant limitations on numerous occasions from March 2007 to February 2011, for a total of 187 minor violations, 125 moderate violations and 108 major violations, representing 5,437 total days. The plaintiff is seeking civil penalties of $25,000 per day for each violation, as well as other relief.
Case number: 11-C-656

Aug. 12
Carolyn J. Diffenderfer and Donald L. Diffenderfer vs. Russell A. Butts Jr. and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.
PA - Joseph Ferretti; J - Groh
* The plaintiffs claim Carolyn Diffenderfer was injured and suffered more than $40,000 in medical expenses because of a vehicle accident on Aug. 17, 2009, in Berkeley County, which was caused by Butts' negligence. They are seeking an amount of relief to be determined.
Case number: 11-C-658

Aug. 17
Citibank NA vs. Christine N. Pierce
PA - Andrew Frye III; J - Groh
* The plaintiff claims Pierce owes at least $27,309.89 plus interest on a past-due credit agreement.
Case number: 11-C-661

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