CIVIL FILINGS: Lincoln County

By Harmon Marks | Nov 25, 2011

Oct. 11
Shayla Owens vs. Lincoln County Board of Education
PA- Travis A. Griffith; J- Jay M. Hoke
* Personal injury suit contends School Board did not follow its own bylaws and policies leading up to a motor vehicle accident May 2006 on WV Route 3 near Danville, Boone County, where driver David E. Owens, Sr., was fatally injured and passenger Shayla Owens was seriously injured. Prior to a middle school softball game at Sherman, Board decided not to provide bus transportation for Hamlin Middle School players, according to complaint, and the deceased David Owens acted as an "approved volunteer"..."performing duties within the scope of employment" driving the minor student after the game. His vehicle was struck head-on by another driven by Michael D. Hall. Accident investigation determined no improper vehicle operation by Owens. Shayla Owens seeks jury judgment in an amount to fully and fairly compensate her for "negligent acts and omissions of the Defendant, "as well as litigation costs, interests, and such other relief deemed appropriate.
Case number: 11 -C-113

Oct. 13
Jeanan Mills Stuart vs. Conservator of Kimberly D. Wallace
PA- Jeffrey S. Bowen; J- Hoke
* Tennessee residents bring a Summary Proceeding for sale of some 82 acres of property located on the waters of Tony Branch of Trace Fork in Duval District. Stuart asks court to confirm sale for $20,000 to Billy H. and Susan McCallister.
Case number: 11-C-114

Oct. 24
Dreama Farmer vs. Amanda Miller
PA- R. Stephen Jarrell; J- Hoke
* Farmer petitions for removal of Miller as Executor of the Ancillary Estate of June Farmer, who died December 2008. Citing several shortcomings, Farmer says Miller "has willfully breached" fiduciary obligations to the June Farmer Estate and seeks jury appointment of a qualified Executor.
Case number: 11-C-118

Nov. 4
Bruceton Petroleum Co., Inc. vs. Maxie Roberts
PA- Howard A. Goodstein; J- Hoke
* Complaint says the Hamlin business of Roberts and Son owes $24,593 for goods provided between November 2010 and April 2011 and seeks the balance, post-judgment interest and court expenses.
Case number: 11-C-122

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