Charleston lawyer 'networking' with reality TV for casting

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 15, 2011


CHARLESTON -- Charleston attorney Charles R. "Rusty" Webb is "networking" with a reality TV casting director to provide persons who fit the casting director's needs for new programming.

Webb received a phone call this fall from a casting supervisor in Los Angeles who was looking for mothers who have contracted to adopt their child to adopting parent(s) and adopting parent(s) of those children.

The proposed new show would follow the lives of both the adopting parent(s) and the mother who would give up the children at birth, to the day of birth.

When asked how the casting person found him, Webb assumed that she had called him because of his position as National Chair of the Family Law Section of the American Association of Justice (formerly ATLA), but was surprised and delighted to learn that a former client, apparently now living in Los Angeles, and who knew the producer, recommended that she call Webb, as he had assisted her in an adoption proceeding some time back.

"I thought she called me because of my Chair of the AAJ Committee, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that she had in fact spoken to an old client who recommended she call me," Webb said.

Webb used his list serve and email lists nationwide to assist the producer in finding the persons she wanted to cast for the show.

"So grateful was she that she is now sending me information on all her casting calls, family law related or not," Webb said.

Currently the casting supervisor is looking for "Type A" parents who are so busy in their individual careers that they have forgotten how they made the family.

The producers of the show also are ABC's "Supernanny", Bravo's "The Real Housewives of NYC" and "Bethenny Getting Married."

If interested, contact Webb at 304-344-9322.

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