Jan 25
John Palmer, Scott Lepka Clif Tennant, DeWayne Jarvis and Robert Hillberry vs. John Renner, Randel Coffindaffer, Blair McGill, Eastern Assoc. Coal and Patriot Coal Corporation.
PA-Alex Shook and Timothy Manchin; J-NA
* In February 2010, John Renner was a fireboss at Patriot Coal. It was discovered at least 19 times he detected dangerous methane gas in the mine but failed to evacuate. In addition, he falsified the readings. Plaintiffs, in their class action suit, claim foreman Randal Coffindaffer and mine manager Blair McGill told Renner not to accurately record the gas readings even though dangerous levels of methane gas were present. As a result of their conduct, the mine was closed for a period of time, causing economic loss to the plaintiffs. They seek compensatory and punitive damages, not exceeding $75,000 for each individual.
Case number: 12-C-42

Jan. 27
Frank Andrews vs. Progressive Classic Insurance Co.
PA-David Grunau; J-NA
* Andrews claims while boating on Cheat Lake, he felt his boat jar and realized he had driven over a submerged tree that was in the water. His boat garage advised damage to his boat was a result of the collision. Progressive Insurance denied his claim citing policy inception date, exclusions for wear and tear, mechanical and electrical breakdowns. He is seeking $5,000 in compensatory damages, $50,000 in punitive damages, lost interest on the settlement process and attorney fees.
Case number: 12-C-51

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