CIVIL FILINGS: Randolph County

by Beth Henry |
Mar. 2, 2012, 1:00am

Jan. 25
Rismawaty "Dewi" Helmick vs. Jack Jr., administrator and sheriff of Randolph County; Charles M. Helmick, son; Pamela A. Navari, daughter; Timothy L. Helmick, son; and Western Surety Co.
PA - George Triplett; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiff is the widow of Charles Cecil Helmick Jr., who died Oct. 26, 2006. She claims defendant Pamela Navari, as administratrix of the estate, allowed more than $197,000 in cash advances to be taken from the estate for her personal benefit and also mishandled other estate affairs, including a real estate sale. The plaintiff is seeking an undetermined amount of relief.
Case number: 12-C-24

Feb. 1
Woodford Oil Co. vs. Davis & Burton Contractors Inc. and Stephen C. Davis
PA - Rebecca Judy; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiff was awarded a total judgment of $112,757.89 plus any post-judgment interest and costs for overdue payments. The judgment was issued July 18, 2008, in Boyd Circuit Court in Kentucky, and the foreign judgment notice was filed in Randolph County Circuit Court.
Case number: 12-C-29

Feb. 3
Wilma D. Miller, individually and as administratrix of Melanie Nicole Miller's estate, vs. County Commission of Randolph County d/b/a Office of Emergency Management of Randolph County, Elkins-Randolph County Emergency Squad Inc., Randolph County EMS Volunteers Elkins Unit Inc. d/b/a EMS Volunteers and city of Elkins
PA - C. Richard Wilson; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiff claims the defendants were negligent and caused her daughter's wrongful death because they failed to respond in a timely manner to her home after she called 911 for her daughter on Feb. 6, 2010. She claims the first EMS unit called to respond failed to do so because it was heading to a gas station, and the second unit called to respond wasn't able to find her home because of the city's inadequate 911 addressing and mapping system. This delay of several minutes led the plaintiff to take her daughter to the hospital herself, where her daughter died of cardiac arrest. The plaintiff is seeking an undetermined amount of relief.
Case number: 12-C-31

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