PARKERSBURG – A Wood County attorney is alleging another attorney for whom she worked for three years stiffed her for nearly $50,000 resulting in her finding employment elsewhere.

Courtney L. Ahlborn has filed a breach of contract suit against Parkersburg attorney William B. Summers in Wood Circuit Court. In her complaint filed Dec. 21, Ahlborn, 30, alleges Summers not only failed to pay her bonuses she earned totaling $49,556.25 for over a year, but also did not remit payment within 72 hours of her resignation in early November.

According to the suit, Ahlborn began working with Summers on Aug. 1, 2008. In the initial agreement attached as an exhibit to the suit, Ahlborn was to receive a base $40,000 yearly salary, and keep 50 percent of any business she brought into Summers' law office over $100,000.

Also, the agreement stipulated any bonuses would be announced at a later date, and she would be considered an at-will employee.

Later, Summers on Sept. 1, 2010, boosted Ahlborn's salary to $90,000 plus 50 percent of any business grossed over $170,000. According to the suit, Ahlborn resigned Nov. 3 as a result of "wages outstanding, accrued and payable to her in the amount of $49,556.25 during the period of Sept. 1, 2010 to and through her resignation."

Along with judgment for the $49.556.25 she alleges Summers still owes her, Ahlborn seeks triple damages under the state Wage Payment and Collection Act totaling $148,668.75. Also, she seeks court costs, attorney fees and interest.

She is represented by Walt Auvil with the Parkersburg firm of Rusen and Auvil.

Since the filing of her complaint, Summers filed a notice of bona fide defense on Jan. 18. Judge Jeffrey B. Reed, who has been assigned the case, on Feb. 3 set May 2 for a scheduling conference.

Wood Circuit Court case number 11-C-590

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