19 attorneys suspended for unpaid Bar dues

By Lawrence Smith | Mar 30, 2012

CHARLESTON – The state Bar has suspended 19 attorneys for failing to pay their annual dues.

The Bar on Jan. 27 notified 14 in-state, and five out-of-state attorneys that their licenses were suspended effective Dec. 21 for failing to pay their 2011-12 dues that were due July 1. In the letter, Anita R. Casey, the Bar's executive director, said the suspension would be lifted once they paid both the outstanding dues, and a late fee.

Though the suspensions are administrative, at least two attorneys on the list -- Norman Folwell and Richard Lancianese -- have been subjected recently to disciplinary action.

In July, the Ohio Supreme Court ordered Folwell, a sole practitioner in Marietta, Ohio, be suspended for two years, and have his practice supervised for another two years following reinstatement for settling a minor's lawsuit without getting prior approval of the probate court, and later co-mingling the settlement proceeds, and sharing the portion of legal fees in separate cases with his secretary.

In January, the state Supreme Court declined to accept the recommendation of its Lawyer Disciplinary Board and issue reciprocal discipline against Folwell. The Court is scheduled to hear arguments in Folwell's discipline case May 22.

However, the Court on March 8 accepted the Board's recommendation that Richard J. Lancianese of Winston-Salem, N.C. be suspended for three years. An investigation discovered that Lancianese, while working for the Huntington law firm of Baker and Marstellar from 2000 to 2007 overbilled BorgWarner, an Auburn Hills, Mich.-based automotive parts manufacturer, $135, 878.68 for defending them in asbestos-related cases.

The following is a list of all 19 attorneys suspended:

* Daniel A. Bonasso – Fairmont

* William B. Cary – Berkeley Springs

* Jeffery A. Davis – Wallback

* Scott M. Dolin – Huntington

* Kenneth M. Ford – Martinsburg

* Norman L. Folwell – Marietta, Ohio

* Holly W. Hinerman – Morgantown

* Rachel A. Kirkham – Princeton

* Richard L. Lancianese – Winston-Salem, N.C.

* Otis R. Mann Jr. – Charleston

* Rachel A. Martin – Morgantown

* Candace L. Ogle – Morgantown

* Berkeley L. Simmons – Elizabeth

* William E. Simonton III – Vienna, Va.

* Xavier W. Staggs – Charleston

* Cindy Stine – Greensburg, Pa.

* Judith P. Thomas – Charleston

* Michael D. Weikle – Charleston

* Winston G. Woodyard – Gallipolis, Ohio

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