Feb. 17
Woodford Oil Co. vs. Jay Michael LLC and Marsha West
PA - Rebecca Judy; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiff claims the defendants owe at least $35,964.31 plus interest, as well as liquidated damages, on a past-due account.
Case number: 12-C-42

Feb. 28
Movin' and Smoothin' Inc. vs. Novus Operating LLC, Zachary Pitzer and Tenaska Resources LLC
PA - Hunter Mullens; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiff claims the defendants breached a contract from Oct. 1, 2011, for work related to construction of a gas well on the defendants' property in Randolph County. The plaintiff claims the defendants delayed work by failing to make all necessary arrangements for the work site, including right-of-way agreements for road construction and state permits. The plaintiff also claims the defendants have failed to pay for all the work that was completed, and now owe at least $154,775.31 for unpaid invoices. The plaintiff is seeking that amount plus other damages.
Case number: 12-C-48

Feb. 29
Teresa Gotinsky Brusak and James Anthony Brusak vs. James Bazzle and Highland Farms
PA - Angela Blythe; J - Wilfong
* The plaintiffs claim the defendants were negligent and made false statements to the plaintiffs in order to convince them to purchase a horse named Eagle. The plaintiffs claim the defendants said the horse was trained for riding, exceedingly gentle and even safe for small children to ride, even though the defendants "actually had done very little or nothing to train, 'break,' or otherwise make Eagle safe for riding." A week after purchasing the horse and letting it get used to its new surroundings, Teresa Brusak attempted to ride Eagle but was violently thrown off. She suffered five fractured pelvic bones, bruised ribs, back injuries and other medical problems as a result. The plaintiffs are seeking at least $300,000 for compensatory damages and other relief.
Case number: 12-C-49

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