April 11
Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. James G. Alderton and Anh T,. Nguyen
PA-Steven R. Bratke; J-David Sanders
* Plaintiff claims defendant owes $70,294.00 for past due credit agreement as well as $17,573.50 in attorney's fees.
Case number: 12-C-135

Corporation of Shepherdstown vs. Donald Burgess and Patricia Burgess dba Riverfall Guesthouse
PA-Charles F. Printz, Jr.; J-David Sanders
* Plaintiff claims defendant is illegally operating a short-term rental unit against town ordinances. Plaintiff seeks injunctive relief from the defendant and any damages as determined.
Case number: 12-C-136

April 16
Branch Banking & Trust Company vs. Yoe Properties LLC; Old Standard LLC; Sheridan LLC and Herbert Jonkers
PA: William L. Hallem; J: David Sanders
* Plainitff claims defendants owe the following sums of money on past due accounts: $1,238,709.07 plus interest; $1,914,375.55 plus interest; $3,153,082.62 plus interest; and $3,153,082.62 plus interest.
Case number: 12-C-141

April 17
Robert C. Smith vs. Ed Johnson and Associates Inc. and Edward L. Johnson Jr.
PA: Michael A. Santa Barbara; J-David Sanders
* Plaintiff claims that on or about May 2007, he hired defendant to do a survey of a piece of property. Plaintiff claims defendant failed to properly inform him that the property fell within the 100-year flood plain. Plaintiff claims professional negligence and seeks compensatory damages and future damages to be determined.
Case number: 12-C-146

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