By Lawrence Smith | Aug 24, 2012

July 17
Tammac Holding Corporation vs. Amie Jo Dilly
PA – Marc Lazenby; J - Reed
* The plaintiff, a Delaware business, is seeking a court order granting it possession of property located at 164 Lake George Rd. in Mineral Wells after defendant along with Deborah A. Madden and Nicholas Luksiak defaulted on a $95,066.30 loan given to them by Tammac via a deed of trust which was sold at a trustee sale on May 3 for $30,000.
Case number: 12-C-309

Aug. 6
West Virginia University Medical Corporation d/b/a University Health Associates vs. Christopher Daniels
PA – Ward D. Stone, Jr.; J – Beane
* The plaintiff seeks judgment against the defendant for $20,594.42 in unpaid medical bills plus seven percent interest.
Case number: 12-C-311

Acusport Corporation vs. High Caliber Guns & Ammo, Inc. and Stacy Sears
PA - Robert S. Fluharty; J – Beane
* The plaintiffs are seeking judgment against the defendants for $33,027.55 in unpaid goods and services delivered on Nov. 2. They also seek court costs and attorneys fees.
Case number: 12-C-312

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