Oct. 17
Megan Edwards vs. Gabriel Brothers Inc.
PA-David Grunau; J-NA
* Edwards seeks judgment against Gabriel Brothers claiming she was let go after advising her supervisor she was pregnant. Edwards began working at Gabriel Brothers warehouse. Shortly after, her supervisor Bruce Ermenio discussed training Edwards for office work. After learning she was pregnant, Ermenio never mentioned the possibility of her working in the office. She alleges she was written up for excessive absences, all of which were medical in nature, even after she supplied written excuses from her doctor. She subsequently was terminated, called back to work and told she could request unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act for 12 weeks, which she did. Sometime later, she advised her supervisor her work hours would have to be reduced, per her doctor’s orders, at which time she was once again told, that due to excessive days missed, she was terminated. She is asking for compensatory and punitive damages, and attorney fees.
Case number: 12-C-720

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