Man wants Boone Board of Education to boost salary

By Harmon Marks | Dec 18, 2012

MADISON - Attorney Bobby R. Hale of Madison, representing himself, filed for a writ of mandamus in Boone Circuit Court to compel the Boone County Board of Education and its superintendent to properly compensate him for services as a "Plumber II."

A petition filed Oct. 12 says Hale "has been previously employed by the Board of Education as a math teacher and building construction teacher, both of which are professional positions and petitioner has 11 allowable credited years of experience as a professional employee.”

Hale asserts he has "the salary class: Doctorate Degree and highest degree: Doctorate Degree" in determining salary mandated in the State Code (§18A-4- 8a). At issue is School Board and Superintendent John G. Hudson's refusal to pay Hale in accordance with his experience and salary classification.

Petition seeks back pay compensation, court expenses, pre- and-post-judgment interest and such other relief Court considers necessary.

Defendants' response denies several of Hale's allegations, including his Paragraph V relative to 11 "allowable credited years of experience as a professional employee..."

A hearing on the petition was scheduled Nov. 14, but was not held by Judge William S. Thompson.

Boone Circuit Court case number: 12-A-215

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