Feb. 14
Debra D. Burkhart vs. Rosenthal, Stein & Associates LLC
PA- Sarah L. Hinkle; J- John Yoder
* Plaintiff claims defendant is in violation of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act and breach of contract. Plaintiff seeks damages up to $74,999.
Case Number: 13-C-127

Feb. 15
Juanita Carter vs. Vicki Lynn Church
PA- Joseph R. Feretti J- John Yoder
* Plaintiff claims that on Feb. 20, 2011, she was a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident allegedly caused by defendant. Plaintiff claims defendant failed to maintain control and caused a crash that resulted in more than $20,000 in medical bills to date with more anticipated costs. Plaintiff seeks judgment based on actual costs and future costs including loss of employment and loss of income.
Case Number: 13-C-130

Feb. 19
Tri-State Surgical Center vs. Sarah Ethel Upwright
PA- Christopher R. Moore J- John Yoder
* Plaintiff claims defendant owes at least $20,245 for past due credit agreement.
Case Number: 13-C-139

Feb. 20
Douglas Blaine Creamer and Kimberly Annette Creamer vs. Deustche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee of The Indymac Indx Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-AR39 Morttgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006-AR39 Under the Pooling and Servicing Agreement Dated Dec. 1, 2006 and One West Bank FSB and MR Appraisals Inc.
PA- Aaron C. Amore; J- Christopher Wilkes
* Plaintiffs claim in October 2006 they signed a promissory note for $540,000 for property. Plaintiffs allege a later appraisal showed the value as more than $600,000 when in reality it was only $460,000. Plaintiffs allege acceptance of fee on predetermined conclusion, dishonesty, misrepresentation and breach of professional standards as well as negligence and illegal and unconscionable inducement, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. Plaintiffs seek punitive and actual damages as well as all costs and other damages as determined at trial.
Case Number: 13-C-140

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